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Sustained Prosperity through Proactive Monitoring, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Management

Licence Terms

By submitting your paper to the conference organiser you as author/representative of all the authors grant a royalty free licence to IOP Publishing Limited (“IOP”) to use the copyright in the paper for the full term of copyright in all ways otherwise restricted by copyright including the right to reproduce, distribute and communicate the Article to the public and to make any other use which IOP may choose world-wide by all means, media and formats whether known or unknown at the date of submission to the conference organiser. 

This licence does not transfer the copyright in the paper as submitted which therefore remains with the authors or their employer, as appropriate. IOP encourages authors to use the paper in any way provided any such use is non-commercial, if possible displays citation information and the IOP Proceedings Licence Notice, for electronic use best efforts are made to include a link to the on-line abstract in the journal and no author offers the paper to another publisher (prior to withdrawal or rejection) or includes it in another publisher's web site.

However, a re-written and extended version of the paper may be published in another journal provided such re-use is within generally accepted ethical scientific limits and provided further citation information and the IOP Proceedings Licence Notice is displayed if possible, and for electronic use best efforts are made to include a link to the on-line abstract in the journal.

By granting this licence you warrant that the paper you are submitting is your original work, has not been published previously (other than in a research thesis or dissertation which fact has been notified to the conference organiser in writing), all named authors participated sufficiently in the conception and writing of the paper, have received a final version of the paper, agree to its submission and take responsibility for it, and the submission has been approved as necessary by the authorities at the establishment where the research was carried out.

By granting this licence the author also warrants that he/she acts on behalf of and with the knowledge of all authors of the paper, that the paper does not infringe any third party rights, it contains nothing libellous, all factual statements are to the best of the authors' knowledge true or based on valid research conducted according to accepted norms, and all required permissions have been obtained.

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